My three published novels:Plus new short fiction available now on amazon kindle!

My three published novels:Plus new short fiction available now on amazon kindle!
My three hardcover novels are available now for your Amazon Kindle device. Also find additional ebooks of fiction, and a two-volume photo book of Cuba's Classic Cars. Click on the book covers above.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rin Tin Tin and the Shriners

My grandfather's hobby was home movies. He was also a Shriner - the guys in the fezzes who sponsored an annual circus and operated a burn hospital for children. The details are fuzzy after more than fifty years, but somehow the Shriners were involved in bringing one of TV's biggest stars to Houston in 1958. I'm thinking that an appearance at the Shrine Circus was part of the deal. The reception at the airport featured Shriners marching in precision, a drill team of pretty girls in cowgal fringe (were they the Rangerettes or Wranglerettes?), a ringmaster and clown, cowboys riding in precision, and a stagecoach. The general public showed up as well, hundreds of them, maybe more than a thousand. You would almost think that The Beatles were about to arrive, but for Houston, that was still a few years off. 

The plane taxied into place. Moments later, there's the actor playing Rip Masters on horseback, followed by Rusty riding shotgun on the stagecoach.

Then the star was brought out. All of this hoopla was staged for a dog. Rin Tin Tin  - what a dog.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

short film

So, here's the short horror film I worked on recently. It's part of a contest put on by Drafthouse Films, with viewers casting the vote for the favorite film. So, vote for this one. Or, don't vote. It's not as if any of them will be mistaken for Citizen Kane. And yes, that's me playing "Clarence." An entire sequence leading to this opening shot has been edited out. I thought it enhanced the story. Directors - you can't tell them anything.